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How to choose your Drive-Test Instructor

The Northway Driving School specialises in the VicRoads Carlton, Bundoora, Burwood  East and Broadmeadows drive (licence) test routes.

(VicRoads Licence Testing Centres)

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Every test route will require you to do a Parallel Park or 3 Point Turn (or both). You will also be required to do multiple lanes changes, and lane merges, where appropriate indicating, blind-spot checking, and right-of-way knowledge, will be made note of. But in my opinion, they are the easier parts of the test. The more difficult parts are what you may be under-prepared for…

in most test routes, you will be required to perform right-hand turns from side streets into multi-lane roads where there may or may not be a median strip. You need to be aware of your turn priority against vehicles approaching from all directions (including from car-park exits and service lanes) and be comfortable knowing when you may and may not enter the median strip and at what angle.

there may be what appears to be simpler left and right-hand turns, but these may involve the presence of trees and parked vehicles that may obstruct your view. Again, knowing how to approach these turns is of great benefit.

Using ‘slip-lanes’ for left-hand turns into multi-lane roads in the testing area can also pose problems for some drive-test applicants .

The VicRoads Drive Test is made up of a pre-drive check and two stages of on-road driving. You will only progress to the second stage if you pass the first stage, and the on-road stages may only be attempted following satisfactory passing of the pre-drive check.

IMPORTANT: Please note that, prior to attempting your Drive Test, you must have successfully completed an “online” “Hazard Perception Test” at one of the VicRoads designated HPT locations.

Pre-Drive Check:

Knowledge/Operational Functionality:

You must know where the following controls are and how to use them:

                          – Headlights (Low & High beam);

                          – Indicators;

                          – Hazard Lights;

                          – Brake Lights;

                          – Windscreen washers / wipers;

                          – Horn;

                          – Handbrake;

                          – Front & rear demisters.

 Stage One – On-road:

Basic Driving Ability:

The first stage is designed to assess your safety as a driver in less challenging conditions. You will spend about 10-15 minutes driving then stop the car while the licence testing officer calculates your score. If you do anything unsafe, the drive test will be terminated and you will fail.

The licence testing officer (LTO) will give you specific instructions during the test (eg. “at the next street, turn right”; “at the next set of lights, turn right from the left turning lane”; “at the next set of lights, turn left into the 2nd lane”). You must follow his/her instructions and show that you can drive safely and efficiently. If you are unsure of an instruction, you may ask for it to be repeated.

The first stage will include:

                          – Starting the car;

                          – Left & right turns at intersections (controlled & uncontrolled);

                          – Changing lanes;

                          – REVERSE PARALLEL PARKING;

                          – or doing a THREE POINT TURN.

The LTO will be paying close attention to your observation skills, including adequate mirror use and blind-spot checking, as well as the correct positioning of the vehicle for turns. Knowledge of vehicular turn priorities will also be noted.

Stage Two – On-road:

Driving on Busier Roads:

If you pass the first stage you will progress to the second stage. The second stage is conducted in busier traffic. It is designed to assess your ability to safely execute normal, day-to-day driving tasks.  It will take about 20-25 minutes to complete.

Stage 2 will include:

                          – Driving in busy traffic;

                          – Changing lanes;

                          – Merging with other traffic;

                          – Left & right turn into multi-lane roads;

                          – Parking in preparation for the final shut-down procedure;

The LTO will be paying close attention to compliance with road rules; vehicle control, including smooth acceleration and deceleration; demonstration of satisfactory observation before and during manoeuvres; giving and maintaining of satisfactory signalling; lateral positioning in lanes and for turns; protrusional positioning for intersections; and safe gap selection in traffic.

The Drive-Test lasts approximately 30-40 minutes of “drive-time” (approx. 1 hour if you include administrative times before and after the test).

In general terms, the following driving skills will be assessed: Observation; Signal use; Gap selection; Speed choice; Following distance; Lateral position; Stop position; Parking; Three-point turn; Control.


-it is highly advised that you “prepare” yourself for the test by having some quality driving lessons;
-(even though you may consider yourself to be a good driver and to have been taught by respected friends and family members, your “real-world” way of doing things may be different to what “VicRoads” expects of you during the driving test).

 Consider this when you’re trying to decide on the number of lessons to take up. Northway’s driving package deals are way more affordable and packed with more value over our single driving lesson prices. Call us today to arrange your first lesson and find out where you are exactly and how far you are from getting your drivers licence.


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How To Get Your Learner’s Licence

  • At  least 16 years old to get your car learner permit.
  • If you have an overseas licence, Go to overseas Vicroad Web licence for more
  •  Study for the testShow more
  • Book and pay for your testShow more
  • Fill out the learner permit application 
  • Take the tests at VicRoads
  • Pay fees for your Learner’s licence and test


How to get your Ls in Melbourne

How to prepare for the Drivers Knowledge Test (VIC)?


After passing the test

The best choice is to take every opportunity to practice with family or friends, but you should learn basic, safe driving skills with a qualified professional instructor.

Choosing a good driving instructor is the first and most important step in becoming a driver competent enough to obtain a driving license.

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We are a Eastern Suburbs driving school providing driving lessons in Box Hill, Box Hill North ,Box Hill ,Surrey Hills , Doncaster, Mont Albert , Mont Albert North , Templestowe and other nearby suburbs. Enroll today in our driving courses with a professional driving instructor. We help build your driving skills, driving experience to become a safer driver.
Box Hill and nearby suburbs offers the learner driver the opportunity to experience a variety of road conditions. The roads and streets in Heidelberg offers easy and complex driving lessons.
Northway Driving School operates throughout the Eastern and Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. We will help you to to increase your driving abilities and prepare you for the driving test. When our learner drivers are ready for the driving test most pass successfully.

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Here at Northway Driving School  we have an area that encompasses the Northern Suburbs and East Suburbs of Melbourne. We have chosen to focus our efforts to locals in these suburbs to better serve them when a sudden driven lesson is a need. We did this to better know the streets and the roads in these suburbs and to be able to quickly come over and start the driving lesson without any down time.

 We provide driving lessons to to anyone who is preparing for their VicRoads driving test.  Below is a list of all the suburbs that service on a moments notice. We can be of great help in educating you how to drive a car and teach you also the skills necessary to be a safe driver.

We can take driving course enrollments from all locals in these suburbs. Use our online booking form to get started or call us on our direct number.

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