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Driving School

Driving Licence

We can help you if you have a learner permit or going for one, or wanting to convert an interstate or overseas licence to a Victorian licence.

Northway Driving School can help you:

  • Prepare for the challenges of driving a car.
  • Teach you all about the important of the car and how to drive it.
  • Show and teach you how to be  lower the risks on the road as a driver.
  • Educate you on the rules and responsibilities of driving a car and as a motorist.
Driving School Lessons

There’s a lot to get through and know before  you are allowed drive on your own and in safety:

  • The age requirements before you are allowed to take lessons.
  • Victorian Graduated Licensing System and how it effects your ability to drive.
  • Learner Log Book requirements.
  • Getting your learner permit which allows you to take driving lessons from a driving instructor.
  • Passing the driving licence test  and attaining your P’s (P1 and then P2).
  • Understanding road rules and infringements and how demerit points work that could stop you from driving.
  • Learning to detect hazards and risks whilst driving.
  • Understanding how alcohol and drugs can affect your driving abilities and your responsibilities as a driver.
Quick Inquiry

If you’re a person who is going for the Victorian drivers licence then you need to quickly learn as much as you can:

  • about self safety,
  • driving habits,
  • avoiding hazards,
  • looking out for people,
  • looking out for animals,
  • road and buildings,
  • and other obstacles whilst driving.

Driving experience is crucial to how you understand and build the skills needed to drive safely and in confidence.

New drivers need to build up experience in a safe environment with a full licenced driver. We find that learner drivers who take up driving lessons from experienced driving instructors become better drivers for life.

Reading about the practical aspects of learning to drive is great but should also be complimented with the learner driver actually taking driving lessons with an instructor. Practical driving lessons with a driving instructor tends to stay within our minds for much longer time and adds to our overall experience as a driver. We tend to build and increase driving skills with every practical driving with an instructor.  So, pay close attention to each lesson and learn as much as you can from experienced driving instructors that offer you great knowledge and tips that will make you a safer driver.

Driving Lessons

Victorian Graduated Licensing System

Victoria has a Graduated Licensing System that was created to help society so that everyone knows who the new drivers are and how we should be understanding of each other.

Young adults who are younger that 21 years of age are required to observe and adhere to this system of displaying various “P plates” at certain times. After attaining your driver’s licence you are now licenced as a P1 licence holder.  At this stage for the next 12 months you are obligated to display the red P’s on both the front and back of the car. If you’ve driven safely and your driving record is good by VicRoads then you are graduated to the next level and are now P2 licence holder. P2 licence holders need to display the green P’s on both the front and back of the car. The P2 plates (green P’s) need to be displayed for 3 years. If in that period you have a good safety record then you will be awarded a full licence. When you’re a fully licenced driver you need to remove the green P’s from any vehicle you drive.

Young people who are 21 years of age or over are awarded a P2 licence and need to display the green P’s for the next 3 years. After 3 years you are awarded your full driver’s licence and must remove any P’s from the vehicles you drive.

Once you’ve got your Victorian driver’s licence you are free to drive on your own. You now need to pay closer attention to road rules, your driving habits and safety. You must be more calm and obey all road rules for a more safety driving for everyone on the road.