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Terms & Conditions

General Lateness and non-attendance (No-shows)

If you arrive late for a Lesson the Instructor shall only be able to offer you the remaining Lesson time if they have a commitment to another Lesson immediately after, and you will be charged for the full Lesson Cost for the Lesson.

Cancellation and No Show Policy

We bring to your attention that we have a cancellation and no show policy which includes a cancellation fee. In summary the cancellation policy is as follows:

Rescheduling driving lessons

If you reschedule a Lesson with less than 24 hours advance notice of the scheduled time, we reserve the right to consider the Lesson cancelled and charge as set out below.

Cancelling a driving lesson

If you cancel the Lesson with less than 24 hours notice, the Lesson Cost will be credited as follows:

Period of notice prior the scheduled Lesson (non voucher booking)Amount credited
12 hours or lessNo Credit
More than 12 hours but less than 24 hours40% of the Lesson Cost

Northway Driving School Gift Voucher Terms & Conditions

  1. A cooling off period of 7 days to Cancel the Gift Voucher.
  2. 20% handling fee to Cancel or Refund a Gift Voucher within those 7 days.
  3. Gift Vouchers are not transferable to other people’s names or go outside the Northern suburbs.
  4. Gift Vouchers are valid for 4 months only and are non refundable.
  5. You can extend the give voucher for another 1 month which has a processing fee of $50.
  6. Cannot extend voucher for more than 2 times.
  7. No lessons can be given unless voucher is presented to the driving instructor.