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Welcome to Northway Driving School in Melbourne helping folks of all ages, from learners to seniors, nervous to experienced and international drivers licence holders. In our driving school together with our driving instructors we will help increase your driving skills, educate you important road rules and provide valuable driving lessons and driving experience. Call our driving school today and let us help you get your VicRoads Drivers Licence.

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We are serious about our driving lessons in Melbourne . We aim to make every driving lesson as important as any other driving lesson if not more. As motorist we put safety first before anything.
Beginner drivers who have just started on the driving lessons are the most novice. If you’re a beginner driver then you should call and take you lessons from professional driving instructors who can pass vital driving information and skill over to you

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Cheap Driving Lessons

We provide cheap driving lessons that are both affordable and packed with valuable driving education for the learner driver, students, unemployed and seniors. If you’re looking for a driving school that offers affordable prices without compromising on quality then you have found us.

When you enroll with our driving school, we’ll have one of our expert driving instructor work with you during your driving lessons. We will provide valuable advice and specific knowledge about prices to help you with your budget and to take you further into your driving life.

 Consider this when you’re trying to decide on the number of lessons to take up. Northway’s driving package deals are way more affordable and packed with more value over our single driving lesson prices. Call us today to arrange your first lesson and find out where you are exactly and how far you are from getting your drivers licence.

Learner Drivers

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Learn To Drive & Get Your Driver's Licence

It takes some time for someone to become a good and safe driver. We work very hard educating and helping all our students to employ safe driving habits. We understand that young people require extra time to learning, not so much about driving a car but more so, detecting and avoiding hazards along the roads of Melbourne and specially in built up areas and fast roadways.

Our driving instructors at every moment will help not only with the driving abilities of the student but also teach them to become more conscious of their presence on the roads. We teach what we know about driving on the road that will help the student in future scenarios where hazard perception skills are needed in order to detect and avoid potential accidents. At every endeavor we aim to help our students to increase their road hazard perception skills.

An advanced road hazard perception skills will help the student to pass the hazard perception test with ease. This test is a VicRoads requirement and needs to be completed and passed prior to the VicRoads driving test. In any case we will help you to pass both your hazard perception test and your driving test to get your Red P’s or Green P’s if you’re over 21 years or over.

Students Who Passed Their Driving Test

Are You Looking for Expert Driving Instructors?

It takes a certain talent to reach and become a driving instructor in Melbourne. Each driving instructor is qualified and fully accredited by VicRoads. Our driving instructors are patients and have many years of industry experience along with driver education expertise to pass any skills and knowledge onto their students.

Here at Northway Driving School we have both male and female driving instructors to help you with all your driving needs.  We understand that some people would prefer a female driving instructor when learning to driver. What ever the choice you make we can help you to successfully pass the driving test.

Easy To Handle Learner Driver Vehicles

We understand most people require just the automatic car driving lessons to get their driver’s licence. But, there are certain group of people who want more challenge and go for their manual driver’s licence. Either way, we can help with your drivers licence and will help in every way to get you to become a good and safe driver who will eventually get their drivers licence.

Our driving school cars are geared toward the learner driver. All our learner vehicles are duel pedal cars which enables a driving instructor to take control of the car if the need arises. Furthermore, our cars and driving instructors have taken comprehensive insurance for both the driver and the vehicle just in case if an accident was to take place – you’re fully covered. This helps us to concentrate on our students and not worry about such things. But, our main priority is the safety of our students, our instructors and those on the road.

Have You Got an Overseas Driver’s Licence?

We believe in helping everyone who needs to get their Australian driver’s licence to freely drive within Australia or for that matter in Melbourne in a safe and understanding way.

If you have an overseas or international driver’s licence and need to convert that into an Australian driver’s licence then start the process by getting in touch with us today. Call or book your consultation and driving lessons anytime. There are certain steps required in order to get your full VicRoads driver’s licence.

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