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Driving school Preston and all nearby suburbs. Do you need quality driving lessons by professional driving instructors?  If so, then call us today or book online in one of our driving courses that will help you build your driving skills, grow driving experience and become a safer driver for life.

Preston and nearby suburbs offers the Preston learner driver the opportunity to experience assortment of road conditions.  With trams, major thorough roads, close proximity to city, railway crossings and shopping precincts there’s a great number of driving conditions to experience. The roads and streets in Preston offers us small and hard challenges to get the learner student on the way to becoming a good driver for life

Driving School Lessons

Preston Driving Lessons

We do our best to help every student to become comfortable behind the wheel. We teach all our learner drivers to be actively attentive during driving lessons in Preston.

Northway Driving School operates throughout the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne will help you to increase your driving abilities and get prepare you to sit for the driving test. We help bring out the best in your abilities by being friendly but at the same time professional in our approach to each driving lesson.


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Driving lessons in Preston can be both challenging and rewarding to both the beginner driver and the advanced learner driver too. Advanced learner drivers may have gained more driving lessons and ready for the test usually pass the driving test much easier with us.

We take every driving lesson in Preston so seriously that we ask each of our students to turn off their phones and refrain themselves from using it during a driving session. This is for everyone’s safety and to gain the most from a every driving lesson. Safety for the student and everyone else comes first before everything. So, phone and other distracting pieces of belongings are limited during a lesson to give the learner driver a rewarding driving lesson.

For all beginner drivers, we first take the first few lessons close in a quite area until we build up experience and driving skills. There are pockets or areas that allow us to visit and have the first few lessons for smooth first drive. Keep local until we build more experience. When new drivers venture out to unknown territories makes people insecure and have a negative effect on one’s driving abilities. Panic and confusion is avoided to reach a certain level before venturing out of quite areas.

For more experienced drivers we direct them out of their comfort zone and venture into nearby suburbs and medium to heavy traffic conditions. It may be possible that some of your driving lessons will be conducted in the dark hours of the evening. This gives the learner driver the required night time driving (at least 20 hours) experience and fulfill their obligation as part of the 120 hours required driving lessons.

For advanced drivers a more challenging driving conditions are required:

  • like peak hour traffic,
  • freeway driving,
  • highway and main busy roads,
  • complex intersections,
  • wet weather driving conditions,
  • if possible dirt and gravel road driving lessons

Cheap Driving Lessons Preston

We provide cheap driving lessons that are both affordable and packed with valuable driving education for the learner driver, students, unemployed and seniors. If you’re looking for a driving school that offers affordable prices without compromising on quality then you have found us.

 Northway’s driving package deals are way more affordable and packed with more value over our single driving lesson prices. Call us today to arrange your first lesson and find out where you are exactly and how far you are from getting your drivers licence.


Preston Driving Instructors

Preston driving instructors offer their learner drivers knowledge about how to drive a car. Driving instructor knowledge helps all learner driver to expand their own driving skills and build their road driving experience. Every learner driver will receive on the go driver education at the right time to help them gain the experience necessary to become safe and good drivers for life. Our aim as driving instructors is to teach our students to drive a vehicle in safety and in time to successfully help them pass the Victorian driving test.

Our Northway Driving School Preston instructors are not far off from you and are generally on-time for each scheduled driving lesson. Your driving lesson will start at the scheduled time and end at the allocated time. You will receive whatever the agreed lesson length was scheduled for.

If you’re in Preston, Reservoir, Coburg, Fawkner or nearby suburbs and are looking for a quality driving school to learn to drive then call us.

Learn all the skills necessary to be able to drive a car:

  • Make proper u-turns.
  • Easily execute 3-point turns.
  • Master reverse parallel park, 45, 60 and 90 degree parking too.
  • Safely drive through stop signs, give way signs and all other road intersections.
  • Take self control and learn to be calm and patient in heavy traffic.
  • Easily adjust your speed according to road conditions.
  • Drive comfortably through shopping centers with slow speed maneuvering.
  • Successfully merge into traffic an/or when 2 lanes merge into one.
  • Safely overtake slower moving vehicles at the right time and many more skills.

There’s a lot to learn before you can get your driving licence that is why our Preston driving lessons are build to teach you all about driving a car and to get you through the driving test.

Call Preston driving instructors and book your driving lessons today. We are so sure you will receive many rewarding lessons and build your driving.

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