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International Drivers Licence Conversion

Do you fit any of the following categories?

  1. Are you an international student?
  2. Have you recently arrived in Victoria with a permanent visa or just become a resident?

Then you may need to convert your international licence to an Australian Drivers licence. Call us and we can be of great assistance to get your International Driving licence converted to Victorian driving licence.

Driving School Lessons

There are some restrictions but, the most important is that, to get your probationary driver’s licence, you must not be disqualified from driving in Victoria, in Australia or overseas.

Here are the steps to converting your international driver’s licence:

  • Visit the VicRoads Licence Conversion information page to see if your driver’s licence is recognised here in Victoria.
  • Book driving lessons to assist you in learning Victorian road rules, and also to give you some professional driving practice.