You’ll Receive All The Necessary Skills & Tips To Help You Pass Your Driving Test on The First Try!




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How To Get Your P’sHow To Get Your P’s

Driving School
  • Complete at least 1 lesson to work on skills such as reverse parking and 3 point turns.
  • Learn about safety
  • Develop the right driving habits
  • Gain experience driving in a variety of conditions
  • Know the road rules
  •  We will take you on the routes and let you know if you would have passed or failed, as well as improvements that can be made
  • learning important skills around driver safety and gaining a wide variety of experience in road and weather conditions, drivers are best placed to be well qualified drivers.

Take a defensive driving course

The more experience a learner driver can gain before taking the driving test the better. Learner drivers can further challenge themselves by taking defensive driving lessons.

Defensive driving instruction helps drivers sharpen their skills and focuses on a variety of on road exercises including practice of driving scenarios that a learner driver is unlikely to practice during standard driving instruction, such as swerving, emergency braking and direction changes.

Northway Driving schools and instructors can help you develop these important skills, before you go for your driver’s licence.

Driving School Services

Our driving school can help you to get your licence. We have a service that matches your needs.

  • Tailored Driving Courses
  • Driving Lessons for Learners/Beginners
  • Driving Lessons for nervous drivers
  • Driving Lessons for Seniors
  • Driving Lessons for Unemployed
  • Driving Lessons for advanced drivers
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