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Driving School Glenroy

Northway Driving School Glenroy in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne  providing driving lessons in Glenroy, Broadmeadows, Coolaroo, Dallas, Coburg, Fawkner, Pascoe Vale and surrounding suburbs.

Glenroy and nearby suburbs offers the learner driver the opportunity to experience an assortment of road conditions. The roads and streets in Glenroy offers us small and hard challenges to get the learner student on the way to becoming a good driver for life.

We help every student to become comfortable behind the wheel whilst driving and to be on alert in and around the streets of Glenroy.

Driving School Lessons

Driving Instructors Glenroy

Glenroy driving instructors offer their students knowledge about driving. Driving instructor knowledge helps every student to build their own driving skills and grow their road experience. Each student will receive on the go education at the right moment to help them gain the experience necessary to become good drivers.

Our aim as driving instructors is to teach every learner driver to drive a car in safety and then to successfully help them to pass the driving test.

Driving lessons in Glenroy can be both challenging and rewarding to both the beginner driver and the advanced learner driver too.


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Driving Lessons Glenroy

We consider every driving lesson in Glenroy as important as the next one. We ask each of our students to turn off their phones and refrain themselves from using it during a driving session. This is for everyone’s safety and to gain the most from a driving session. Safety for the student and everyone else comes first before anything.

Beginner driver lessons are conducted in the quite areas local to the learner drivers home address until we build up experience and driving skills. We continue local driving lessons until we build more experience. When new drivers venture out to unknown territories it makes them insecure and this has a negative impact on driving abilities.

Experienced drivers are directed out of their comfort zone and we head out into more challenging environments. It may be possible that some of your driving lessons will be conducted in the dark hours of the evening. This gives the learner driver the required night time driving fulfillment. All learner drivers are required to do at least 20 hours of night time driving lessons.

For advanced drivers a more challenging driving lesson conditions are required:

  • like peak hour traffic,
  • freeway driving,
  • highway and main busy roads,
  • complex intersections,
  • wet weather driving conditions,
  • if possible dirt and gravel road driving lessons

These different conditions help the learner driver to gain those vital driving experience to be a safe driver. Practical driving experience and driving instructor lead lessons are very effective in teaching young people to correctly handle and drive a car.

Cheap Driving Lessons Glenroy

We provide cheap driving lessons in Glenroy that is packed with valuable driving education for the learner driver, students, unemployed and seniors. If you’re looking for a Glenroy driving school that offers affordable prices without compromising on quality then you have found it.

 Northway’s driving package deals are way more affordable and packed with more value over our single driving lesson prices. Call us today to arrange your first Glenroy driving lesson.

Driver Education in Glenroy

Road Signs

Glenroy being a busy area has many street signs to educate the driver to the importance of knowing how all the road signs contribute to safer traffic flow. Victorian roads are by far one of the best in the world when it comes to signs and alerting road users about the conditions and speed of the roads

Driving Lessons & Hazard Perception Skills

Melbourne’s roads are now allowing more bike paths to be made available to all bike riders. More and more people are seeking bike paths to ride to and from wherever they need to go. This adds another level of hazard and hazard skills development. Driving instructors in Glenroy will help and show learner drivers how to use the roads with bike riders. Each student will be asked hot to handle different situations to build their hazard perception skills.

Northern Suburbs Driving School

If you’re in Glenroy, Broadmeadows, Fawkner, Coburg or nearby suburbs and are looking for a great driving school to learn to drive then call us.

Learning these and many more driving skills:

  • Learn to use the emergency signals.
  • Driving through a children’s crossing.
  • Find out how to be calm and patient in heavy traffic.
  • Learning the traffic merging rules.
  • Adjusting vehicle speed according to road conditions.
  • Learn to drive at round abouts.
  • Learn to make a 3-point turns.
  • Learn to correctly park the car.
  • How to cross stop signs safely.
  • We’ll show you how to properly drive through children’s crossing.
  • Learn what to do when there is an emergency vehicle.
  • and many more.

There’s a lot to learn when it comes to getting your driving licence. But, Glenroy driving lessons are build to teach you all about driving a car and to increase your driving skills and experience.

Call Glenroy driving instructors and book your driving lessons today. It will be a rewarding experience with lots of driver education during each practical driving session.

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